Prison Ministry : Pondok Bambu Women Correction Center

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On the day we commemorated Jesus’ Ascension, 10th of May 2018, Anugrah Ministries Team worked together with AbbaLove Team and some workers of Anugrah Church to bring good news to our sisters in the Pondok Bambu Women Correction Center, Class 2A.

We started the service with praise and worship. Though they were serving their sentences behind bars, the joy of the Lord enabled them to enthusiastically praise and worship Him. Around 70-80 inmates were there. It was not a coincidence that Pastor Debby Catharina delivered God’s Word regarding God’s promises to give us freedom, not only physically, but for the salvation of our souls. It was special when Pastor Debby asked every mother who was an inmate to write their prayers and wishes for their children. This is a prophetic act they took as a sign that they believe God will always take care of their family, even though they are parted by distance.

After the sermon, we also had a chance to pray for them. They encountered Jesus, and received new hope that God never leaves them, even during their darkest hours.

We didn’t only feed them spiritually, but we also brought lunch goodie bags with us. Inside the goodie bags, they were blessed with towels, toiletries, and snacks for them. We believe God not only touched them, but all of us who were serving that day. We become more grateful that we are still given a chance up to today to serve God and His people.

Thanks to our sponsors and friends, who supported us in this ministry, so we can touch and reach out many more souls for the glory of the Father. The Lord Jesus loves you!

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