Blessing the Nation, Singapore 29 October – 8 November 2015

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On 29th October 2015, Pastor Daniel Hendrata, Pastor Debby Catharina, and a cameraman, Gysbert Aipassa left Jakarta to minister in Singapore. Weeks before their arrival, Singapore was badly affected by the haze caused by forest fire in Indonesia. Our intercessors had been praying for the forest fire to stop burning, so clear weather will be enjoyed by everyone in Riau, Sumatra, Kalimantan, also Malaysia, and Singapore. Just before their plane landed, heavy rain fell upon Singapore, and cleared up the haze. Throughout their stay there, the haze has really subsided. Praise the Lord!

The highlight of the trip was the Guard Your Family Seminar that they conducted on the 30th of October 2015 at Upper Room Fellowship, Mac Pherson Road, from 9 am to 5 pm. The sessions went really well. There were joyful moments, but also touchy ones. Everyone who came was receptive towards the teaching. Both Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby declared restoration to take place for families in Singapore, also for the already blessed families to be even better in achieving God’s grand vision for their family. The seminar was documented thoroughly, video and photo.

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On Sunday, 1st November 2015, they were ministering at IFGF Singapore, at both Indonesian and English Service. It was really good for both pastors to be back at IFGF (since they both grew in IFGF churches, during their university years), especially for Pastor Debby who used to be a congregation of IFGF Singapore 23-25 years ago during her O Level’s studies. It was amazing how the Lord brought her back and connected her again to the church that she used to attend. Only this time, she came as the speaker together with her husband.

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Our cameraman, Gysbert Aipassa went back to Jakarta the next day, but both pastors stayed to minister in different churches and fellowships, namely, Orchard Fellowship, Forerunner Fellowship, and Cornerstone (Indonesian Service). The main message that they delivered this time was Worry Free Life. It was great to be able to come and bless the people in Singapore at this season, whereby the Christmas decorations started being displayed at Orchard Road. In between preaching sessions, Pastor Daniel also got some opportunity to finish writing his book, entitled I AM NUMBER TWO, which will be launched soon on the 26th of November 2015 at the 10th Anniversary of Anugrah Ministries Celebration, in conjunction with Pastor Debby’s cd album, Your Faithfulness.

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We praise the Lord for using our pastors to be a blessing for nations. We believe the seed (the word of God) that has been planted in Singapore will not come back in vain, but it shall bear fruits in the lives of the people. God bless Singapore, and God bless Indonesia!

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