Road Show Sulawesi, 22 – 25 January 2016

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By the grace of God, Anugrah Ministries went on a Road Show in North Sulawesi. We started the trip on 22nd of January 2016. Our small team, consisting of 4 persons (Ps. Daniel Hendrata, Ps. Debby Catharina, Samuel Katiandagho, and Alders Daniel Panebaren) left the bustle of Jakarta at 11 am for Manado. The weather was not so good, thus the journey which usually takes only 3 hours, took almost 4 hours on that day. We stayed overnight in Manado. The next day, we continued out flight to Tahuna, Sangihe islands.


Saturday, 23rd January 2016

At 8 am, Anugrah Ministries team continued to fly to Tahuna. Before boarding the plane, we were introduced to dr. Wisje Makagansa-Rompis, M.Si (the Meyer’s wife). She would be the one who facilitate us a lot during our stay in Sangihe area. The flight took about an hour. When we arrived at Naha airport, some servants of God warmly welcomed us with flower arrangement. They welcomed us to the VIP room to eat fried banana and drink tea/coffee, while getting to know further the Meyer’s wife and the servants of God who were present.

Sangihe islands in North Sulawesi are the most Northern part of Indonesia, nearby our neighboring country, the Philippines. Our main purpose of coming was to inaugurate GPT Petra Manganitu church, located in Mala Village, that we have madeover in our 26th CMO (Church MakeOver) project. We will also conduct a few Revival Meetings over there. The local committee had carefully arranged our schedule, led by Ps. Lily Sudin-Undap. From Naha airport, we went straight to the Meyer’s House, where they accommodated us for 3 nights during our stay in Tahuna. They treated us very well, as the Ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.

After breakfast, we went to visit the beautiful Pusunge Height, located 30 minutes outside of Tahuna City. We were taking some footage for the opening of GoodNews on the Move, Sulawesi Road Show. From Pusunge Height, we could see the breathtaking gulf, the soothing greeneries, and the beauty of Tahuna City. We were there for 2 hours, heavy rain fell for a while, and we headed back to Tahuna City. Upon our arrival at the Meyer’s House, lunch was already set for us. The Meyer’s staff took care of us very well. Their warm welcome really blessed our heart.

At night, we started the first Revival Meeting at GBI Mahena, Tahuna. The theme was I AM NUMBER TWO (in Sangihe dialect “IA KARUANE”). Joy was throughout the Revival Meeting, from the beginning until the end. Ps. Daniel Hendrata, as the speaker, reminded us to always put God as the first and foremost in our lives, and make ourselves to be number two. Ps. Debby Catharina also shared her testimony and sang her songs. We immediately forgot our fatigue, looking at the enthusiasm of the congregation who came. Everyone felt blessed by the word of God being delivered, and also by our presence in Tahuna City.

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Sunday, 24th January 2016

On Sunday morning, Anugrah Ministries team went separately to minister in three different locations. Two of us went to GPK Tahuna Church, one of us went to GMIST Maranatha Tahuna, and one of us went to GBI Mahena Tahuna. Our ministry on that day really blessed the churches in Tahuna. In the afternoon, we went to inaugurate our 26th CMO project: GPT Petra Manganitu in Mala Village. It was so special because the Meyer’s wife, dr. Wisje Makagansa-Rompi, M.Si, the Region Head of Manganitu, Mr. Dave Rompis, S.Pi, and the Head of BP4K for Sangihe islands, Mr. Ir. H. Salindeho were present to witness this historical moment. Though rain fell in that area for some time during that afternoon, the inauguration ceremony went very well. Praise the Lord!


Monday, 25th of January 2016

On Monday morning, Anugrah Ministries team had the privilege to exclusively interview the Meyer of Sangihe islands, Drs. H. R. Makagansa, M.Si at the Meyer’s House. Covering issues such as the development of Tahuna City and Sangihe islands in general, also about the future plan. It was particularly interesting when Mr. Meyer made a statement that GoodNews program is considered as one of the most favorite shows that the people of Sangihe islands look forward to watch, even personally GoodNews program has been an inspiration for him and his family.

After the interview, we went to explore more the area of Sangihe, making sure that GoodNews viewers would get thorough coverage when the GoodNews on the Move, Sulawesi Road Show episode would be put on air. That day, we went to Pananuareng beach, located in North Tabukan Region. We went by car for 1.5 hours. Pananuareng Beach was still untouched, clean, and with white sand. With quite forceful sea wind draft and the heat of the sunshine (because it was mid day), we took some footage for the closing of GoodNews episode. After that, we went back to Tahuna City.

This time we headed to Teletubis Park in Manente Tahuna, the only play park in Tahuna City. Ps. Lily Sudin-Undap had prepared lunch for us over there. The owner of Teletubis Park was also there to welcome us and join us for lunch. From Teletubis Park, we went back to the Meyer’s House to get ready for the second Revival Meeting which would take place in the night.

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Before 7 pm, the congregation already gathered from all parts of Tahuna City. Though heavy rain fell before the Revival Meeting, the congregation was still enthusiastic to attend. It was full house in terms of attendance. GPdI Victory Angges was packed with people. They put up tents to anticipate the overflow, at the front yard and side porch of the church building, and those tents were also packed with people. This shows the longing heart of the people of Sangihe to experience God’s visitation. When praise and worship songs were lifted up, joy filled the hearts of everyone who came. Ps. Debby Catharina got a chance to bless the people with her touchy life testimony and sing her songs to God.

After praise and worship, Ps. Daniel Hendrata delivered the word of God with the same theme, “I AM NUMBER TWO” or in Sangihe dialect, “IA KARUANE”. The congregation listened attentively while the word of God being preached. The people of Sangihe really got blessed that night with the word. After sermon, Ps. Daniel Hendrata and Ps. Debby Catharina gave altar call for those who desired to be prayed for. Almost everyone came forward to be prayed for, including Mr. Meyer and his wife. Because the room was not so big, and the number of people jamming the altar was plenty, they had to take turn to come forward. God visited all of His people. Praise the Lord! After the Revival Meeting, we went back to the Meyer’s House to get some rest, and made preparation for our departure on the next morning.

It is our prayer that the word of God that has been sown in Sangihe land will not come back in vain. May God bless Sangihe even more for His glory. Amen.

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