Blessing the Nation of Singapore, 22 May – 1 June 2015

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It was really a blessing for both Pastor Daniel Hendrata and Pastor Debby Catharina to be able to go back to Singapore. From 22nd of May to 1st of June 2015, both pastors were ministering in two churches: Covenant Vision Christian Church, and NDFI (Indonesian Service: Sahabat Orang Sakit), also various fellowships: APAC, YMCA, Rose of Sharon, and Tanglin. The main message that they delivered this time is “Living Life with No Regrets” reminding every believer to live in the moment that they are now, embrace, enjoy, and do the best that they can, so there will be no regrets in the future.

One of the highlights of the trip this time is the “Guard Your Family for the Last Days” Seminar that took place the whole day on Saturday, 23rd of May 2015. Held by APAC Ministries, the seminar took place in BIU, Golden Mile Complex. Married couples came (some with their spouse; some alone), but also some singles. The attendance was pretty good remembering it was a long weekend; many Singaporeans were going out of town. They received with an open heart the 5-session teaching that covers The Vision of Family, Money Management, Intimacy that Knits the Bond, Communication as a Gate, Forgiveness and Restoration, from 9 am to almost 5 pm.


It’s rewarding to know that many of them really enjoyed the sessions and learned a lot from them. Here are some of their comments:

“A lot of learning, especially in the intimacy area for me, and also about communications. I learned how we are going to bless the next generations, how we can set an example for our children, and how we create a relationship, just like our relationship with God. I think we need help in these areas, for me to understand her needs, and for her to understand my needs, as sometimes we don’t communicate our needs.”

Frank & Cindy Su (Web Design Developer, having 3 children, 11 years of marriage)


“I’m really interested learning the core value of a family. What legacy we would leave for our children, and what vision we have for our family for the next generation. This seminar really helps couples, especially for young-marriage couples. We’ve never seen seminar like this in the churches. Ps. Daniel and Ps. Debby give a real example.” (Bryan)

“I learned that everything we do has consequences. The habits and values that we set now will have impact for eternity. They will impact our children and our children’s children. It’s so important for us to set our values and habits now, especially when the kids are so young. And, if we have problems, it’s better for us to handle it early to prevent the problem from getting serious. It’s husband and wife responsibility.” (Edwina)

Bryan & Edwina Tan (Men Ministry Leader & Women Ministry Leader in APAC Ministries, having 2 children, 7 years of marriage)


“We wish we attended a seminar like this earlier in life, so we would be better equipped to go through certain things that we did during those times. We learned that we must realize what seasons are we in now, and how we can connect again.” (Raymond)

“I think the communication part is so important, because after long years of marriage, sometimes we take things for granted. The way we talk to each other sometimes is not so polite and loving. The intimacy part is important for me, how a wife can win her husband. I also like the part where they shared about forgiveness, how we can release ourselves from bitterness.” (Ling Chien)

Raymond Chan & Po Ling Chien (Real Estate Business, 25 years of marriage)


All in all this trip is very fruitful, and we pray that the Word of God that both pastors have shared in Singapore not only will bless the people, but also transform their lives: personally and as a family. Thanks for the warm welcome and hospitality that are always extended for both pastors whenever they visit Singapore. God bless the nation of Singapore! God bless the people of Singapore! Shalom!

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