Mission Trip to Nias with Love, 29 July – 1 August 2016

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On 29th of July to 1st of August 2016, Pastor Daniel Hendrata and Pastor Debby Catharina, together with a small Anugrah team visited Nias. Tsunami in 2003 and Earthquake in 2005 hit this island before and ruined some parts of it. Anugrah Team came this time for a series of ministry. Besides conducting a Revival Meeting, and Guard Your Family Seminar, we would be inaugurating one Church MakeOver (CMO) project as well.

Friday, 29th of July 2016 was the most happy day for those who live in Gunung Sitoli, Nias, because they would get to see directly Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby ministering to them. All this while, they only saw both pastors on TV. We could feel the enthusiasm of the people who attended the Revival Meeting that night. Conducted outdoor, at the lot of Charlita Hotel, in Avia Village. The Revival Meeting was hosted by the local committee from GBI Charlita, under the leadership of Pastor K. Zega. God’s presence was so thick from the first praise and worship song. A demon-possessed teenager manifested, but everything was under control, and the girl was prayed for.

In this event, Pastor Debby Catharina presented a song, taken from her album, Your Faithfulness, also shared about how great God’s grace is in her life. Pastor Daniel Hendrata continued by preaching about Breakthrough. He expounded many biblical truth that night. Everyone who came to this Revival Meeting was blessed beyond measure. During altar call, many came forward to be prayed for. After the service, Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby gave their autograph on the books and cds; they also took time to take pictures together with GoodNews viewers.

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The next day, Saturday, 30th of July 2016, at 10 am, approximately 120 people (40 of them were husband and wife couples) gathered back at GBI Charlita to attend Guard Your Family Seminar. Pastor Daniel Hendrata and Pastor Debby Catharina taught in this seminar side by side. Most of the seminar participants said this was their first time joining a Family Seminar. Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby explained in details and very clearly things concerning family based on the word of God. In this way, Christian families in Nias can be strengthened and renewed.

Throughout the seminar, we can hear laughters every now and then, but there were also some touchy moments. At the end of the seminar, Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby prayed for the husband and wife couples, as representative of families in Nias. Pastor Daniel and Pastor Debby declared prophetically that families in Nias would experience transformational breakthrough. They also prayed for those who did not come with their spouse, so each of them can be a blessing for their family, and for Nias in general. Guard Your Family Seminar ended at 4 pm.

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On Sunday, 31st July 2016, Anugrah Team had split schedules, ministering in some churches. Pastor Daniel Hendrata was ministering at GpdI Gema Kasih, at 8 am and 10.30 am, while Pastor Debby Catharina at GBI Charlita, and Pastor Alders Daniel Panebaren at GTDI Bukit Kalvari. God was moving through the ministry of His servants. God gave prime strength so they could give the best to God and His people.

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In the afternoon, Pastor Daniel, Pastor Debby, and Anugrah Team inaugurated the church building of GBI Biouti that had been completely madeover in 28th CMO program (For complete report, please refer to another article entitled ‘Inauguration of CMO 28’). The inauguration ceremony went very well, to God be the glory. With this kind of heavy schedule, of couse physically we are tired, but we are spiritually strong seeing how the Holy Spirit move among His people in Nias island.

Finally, on Monday, 1st of August 2016, Anugrah Team left Gunungsitoli, transited in Medan, and flew back to the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. We did not forget to bring some durians as souvenier. Nias’ durians are famous. They are not too big in size, their texture a bit chewy, but the sweetness is just perfect in our mouth. Praise the Lord for everything that God allowed to happen during this Mission Trip to Nias. God bless you all!

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