Flood Relief Distribution Part 2, Kapuk Mangga Ubi, Jakarta

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On the 29th of January 2014, Anugrah Ministries relief team went back to visit the flood victims in Mangga Ubi, Jakarta. For almost two weeks, their houses were flooded (up to the waist). Some decided to evacuate, but many chose to stay in their house. They were trapped at home with little food and no clean water.

Ps. Daniel together with Anugrah team went personally to the flooded location to distribute relief supplies, containing oil, sugar, instant noodles, coffee, milk, tea, disinfectant, soap, detergent, 5kg rice and bottled water. We brought 500 packages which we have prepared from Anugrah Ministries’ headquarter. This is the second time our team went to help Kapuk Mangga Ubi. We worked together with GSPDI Mangga Ubi and local community leaders in distributing the coupons to the people. The people were so enthusiastic to receive the packages of relief supplies. The distribution took place in two locations: GSPDI Mangga Ubi and the side yard of a nearby mosque.

Thank you to our sponsors who care to share with these flood victims. Your contributions have blessed them tremendously. God bless!

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