Flood Relief Distribution Part 1, Kapuk Mangga Ubi, Jakarta

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On the 22nd of January 2014, Anugrah Ministries went to help the flood victims in Kapuk Mangga Ubi, Jakarta. The purpose of doing this distribution is to care for those who are hungry, trapped in their flooded house, and need help.

Anugrah Ministries’ team brought 400 packs of ready-to-eat food. Working together with Ps. Parulian from GSPDI Mangga Ubi and local authority, we were welcomed by about 50 people when we arrived. The flood victims in Mangga Ubi already ran out of food supplies due to continuous flood that took place for the whole week before our coming.

We put the food packs on the lifeboat, in order to make sure they would not be wet, while our team walked through the flood water (as high as our waist) to send the food to the people door to door. Christ, who is our role model, enabled us to do this, to become the doers of God’s word, bringing Good News to those who are in despair. They were very happy and touched at the same time to see our coming. Their burden felt lifted up when they found out that help has arrived.

Thank you to our sponsors who have cared for the condition of these flood victims in Jakarta. May God’s name be more glorified through the ministry that we do together. God bless!

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