Feeding the Poor at Tanah Merah, Kelapa Gading 23rd-26th of September 2011

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In celebrating Christmas 2011, Anugrah Ministries shared with the less fortunate ones. Working together with JKI Providencia church, this time we were reaching to an area called Tanah Merah, in Kelapa Gading. What an irony to see how they live in subpoverty, though the neighborhood is next to an elite estate. We can clearly see the gap between the rich and the poor.

Hence, the people were enthusiastic to see our coming. The church building could not contain the congregation and the people who live nearby. They were coming from all directions to fill the sanctuary. About 400 adults and 250 children attended the service on that day.

After the service, we distributed the packages: instant noodles, rice, coffee, sugar, and oil neatly packed in a plastic pail, and also lunch. Whereas for the children, we distributed goodie bags. Merry Christmas to all!

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