Anugrah Compassion, Reaching out to Teluk Gong, 20 September 2015

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On Sunday, 20 September 2015, Anugrah Ministries Team working together with 20 volunteers from Nu Skin Indonesia visited a slump area in Teluk Gong, North Jakarta for a community-give-back event.  This is the same community where Anugrah Ministries has been helping out since the big flood of 2007 in Jakarta.  Since then, Anugrah has developed a good relationship with people in this area.  This year the community is greatly in need of help as the people are deeply affected by the economic slowdown in Indonesia.

Anugrah Ministries prepared 1,200 goodie bags filled up with nutritious food for children and elderly in Teluk Gong area.  On Sunday morning, these bags were loaded onto the truck and transported to the area from our headquarter office.  Anugrah Team and the 20 volunteers worked hand in hand in distributing these goodie bags.  In addition to goodie bags we also brought rice packs (made of nutritional rice, Vitameal, presented by Nu Skin Indonesia) to complete our gifts to these people.

At 11 am Ps. Debby Catharina started the event by giving an opening speech to the people in the community.  Volunteers took turn in handing out goodie bags and rice packs to the elderly and children who cheerfully received them.  The volunteers also had a little game with the children to entertain them while waiting to accept their goodie bags.  So many people in the area who heard about this event showed up and patiently stood in line.  They were so happy and excited knowing that there were people who still cared for them especially during this economic tough time.  Anugrah Ministries understood the situation and tried to bridge the gap.

At 3 pm we finished distributing everything and said goodbye to these people. Ustad Yusuf, the community religious leader, representing the people of Teluk Gong area formally thanked Anugrah Ministries and volunteers in making this event happen.  Overall, we felt blessed that we were able to share our love to this community.  Also, it was a fun-filled day for the volunteers who brought along their kids to experience this event.  Thanks to Nu Skin Indonesia for working together with us to touch 1,200 lives on that day. Together, we are making a difference in this world!


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