Church MakeOver (CMO) 30: GMII Baitani Limau – West Kalimantan, 6 May 2015

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The Start of Church MakeOver (CMO) 30: GMII Baitani Limau – West Kalimantan, 6 May 2015

On Wednesday, 6th of May 2015, we started our 30th Church MakeOver (CMO) project. Anugrah Ministries chose GMII Baitani Church which is located in Limau Sub-Village, Nyiin Village, Jelimpo District, Landak Region, West Kalimantan Province, as our CMO #30. This church is under the leadership of Ps. Minggus, together with his wife, Yunita Apitalau Sahea, and their two daughters.

GMII Baitani Church has been established since 1992. However, the church experienced turbulence because there was misunderstanding between the congregation and their former pastor, and the church came to a full stop for 5 years. Only in 2010, Ps. Minggus and his wife were sent by the synode to take over the leadership over there. It was quite a struggle for them to gather together the once-shattered congregation, and they managed to gather back 26 families. In 2011, together with the congregation, Ps. Minggus started building a very humble church building.

When our CMO Survey Team went to visit them in 2013, the condition of the church looked sturdy from the outside, yet it did not even have any foundation. The church’s walls were made of wooden pillars combined with mosquito nets and plastered with cement. They also put cement on the ground directly to make their floor. Besides that, there was no pastoral home in the church, so the pastor and his family have to keep moving places (by renting for their home). They tried to built the pastoral home, but because of inadequate funds, they had to stop it. Only a few wooden pillars were standing on the ground; some parts of the walls were made by plastering mosquito nets with cement (instead of using bricks or concrete blocks that they could not afford). Regardless of their condition, when we started this CMO #30, the number of congregation reached 160 souls, 90% are economically weak, working as field farmers, or farming laborers in rubber plantations.

We officially started this project at 9pm. Our CMO team was late to reach the destination, because the trip was difficult and time-consuming, due to heavy rain that caused the roads to be muddy and slippery. We started CMO 30th project by having Ps. Daniel Hendrata (Chairman of Anugrah Pressindo Foundation) and Ps. Minggus (Local Pastor of GMII Baitani Church) to symbolically put iron pillars in the ground as part of the church foundation, witnessed by all the congregation.

These are the things Anugrah Ministries will do in this CMO 30th project:

  1. Totally rebuild the 7x14m church building, complete with foundation, roof, ceiling, concrete walls, and ceramic-tiled floors.
  2. Build the two-bedroom, 6x8m pastoral home, complete with foundation, roof, ceiling, concrete walls, ceramic-tiled floors, and bathroom.
  3. Make 3 units public bathroom (where they can take a bath, wash their clothes, and go to toilet) as our contribution to the congregation and local community.
  4. Make a clean-water well for the congregation and local community.

May God bless this project so it will go smoothly and be completed on time. Thank you to the partners of Anugrah Ministries who support this project. God bless you! May God’s name be glorified through this CMO 30th project. Amen!

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Inauguration of Church MakeOver 30

GMII Baitani Limau, Kalimantan Barat, 1 May 2016

Sunday, 1 May 2016, was an unforgettable moment for GMII Baitani Limau, especially for the congregation, but also for the community surrounding the church. Having gone through Church MakeOver (CMO) process for almost a year, finally on that day, we were handing back their completely new and madeover church building to them, represented by Ev. Minggus as the pastor of Gereja Masehi Injili Indonesia (GMII) Baitani Limau, which is located at Limau Sub Village, Nyiin Village, Jelimpo District, Landak Region, West Kalimantan Province. This Sub Village is hard to reach because the infrastructure is not adequate. It is truly by the grace of God that we can complete this 30th project of Church MakeOver program.

It was 2 pm when Anugrah team left from Ngabang City for Limau Sub Village. According to the estimation, we should have reached our destination in two hours, but it took us three hours instead. At 5 pm, Anugrah team arrived at the location. The delay was due to very bad infrastructure; our car was stuck in the mud. A local plantation vehicle passed by, and they became our help to pull out our car.

When we arrived at the location, many people were already waiting for us. Without further a due, we started the inauguration ceremony. Ev. Minggus welcomed Ps. Daniel Hendrata as Chairman of Anugrah Ministries by giving him a flower necklace. Then Ps. Daniel Hendrata performed the cutting of ribbon, and opened the doors of the church for the first time. After that, representatives of local government from Jelimpo District and GMII Synod gave their welcoming speech. The event continued with praise and worship; everyone was enthusiastic and full of thanksgiving. We were all touched by the presence of God.

Then, it was time for the signing of plaquet, by Ps. Daniel Hendrata (Anugrah Ministries) and Ev. Minggus (GMII Baitani Limau), to officially mark that Anugrah Ministries has completed this Church MakeOver project, and therefore we handed back the church building to them. After that, Ps. Daniel Hendrata delivered the Word of God, to remind them that the Good News which they have received, must be passed on to other people, so they too will receive salvation, as what they have received. As it is written in Luke 4:18-19, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

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These are the things we had done in CMO 30 at GMII Baitani Limau:

Rebuilding the church building, 7×14 m

Laying down the foundation

Installing ceramic tiles on the floor

Installing doors and windows

Adding a front porch, 2×3 m, with ceramic tiles

Installing ceiling


Building pastoral home, 6×8 m

2 bedrooms

1 living room

1 bathroom

1 kitchen


On top of that, we also present for the community 2 units of public bathroom (whereby they can shower, wash clothes, and go to toilet) and 1 unit of well for clean water.

All glory to the Lord Jesus who has trusted Anugrah Ministries through Church MakeOver program to help those who are weak. Thanks to partners of Anugrah Ministries who have supported the 30th project of CMO until completion. May God’s name be glorified. Amen.

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