The Start of Church MakeOver 46 : GPdI Maranatha Tana Tuku, Sumba – NTT

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The eastern part of Indonesia is one area that we have not much reached. Therefore, any opportunity to be able to reach and bless the eastern part of Indonesia is a valuable opportunity for us.

Tana Tuku is two hours from Waingapu, East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. GPdI Maranatha Church is appointed to be our 46th CMO project. This church is under the leadership of Ps. Yehezkiel Embatau and his wife.

Overall, Sumba Island does not have enough rain fall, just like any other part of Eastern Indonesia. Most of the congregation work as farming laborers. We can see how the development of infrastructure in Indonesia is not yet balanced throughout all the islands of Indonesia, creating social gaps. It is our duty as part of the Body of Christ to help build and develop the churches that are in lack in the regions.

This is the list of things we are going to do in the 46th CMO project:
• Fixing the leaking roof
• Installing ceiling
• Fixing the floor and installing ceramic tiles
• Installing door and windows
• Installing electricity which was not there before
• Fixing the pastoral home
• Building public bathroom (where people who live in the community can shower, wash clothes, and go to toilet)

We really hope we will be able to hear great testimony from the congregation of this church in the future. May the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be lifted up. Amen.

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