Church Make Over 64: GPIA Fajar Pagi Tahajian Tahajian Sub-Village, Gombang Village, Sengah Temilah District, Landak Region, West Kalimantan Province

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The Start of CMO 64:

In the beginning when we started the CMO program, we wanted to see balance in the Body of Christ. Helping to distribute the abundance of one part of the Body of Christ to cover the lack of another.

GPIA Tahajian was appointed to be the 64th CMO project. The pioneering story of this church is very interesting. In 2014, Ps. Kajim was reaching out to an ex-witch doctor who happened to be the leader of the neighborhood over there, guiding him to meet Jesus. That was how the service started there. The number of congregations has grown to become 9 families now, with 18 adults and 16 kids.

The challenge that they face now is with the growth of the congregation, they long to renovate their 6x16m church building. The majority of the church members are working as farming laborers, with only 30 thousand Rupiah income per day tapping rubber trees. The pastor does not have the heart to challenge them to collect building funds, as he saw with his own eyes how they sometimes only eat rice without any meat or vegetables.

Another challenge of this church is teaching the kids who are mostly illiterate. To go to school, they have to walk 4 kilometer in distance. Kids at the age of 8 or 9 are just starting to study at first grade of Elementary School. Even if some parents have motorcycle, they often experience damage, due to the long distance, and they lack funds for reparation.

With this CMO program, we are determined to be the extension of God’s hands for our brothers and sisters there.

Anugrah Ministries will do the followings in this CMO 64:
1. Install Ceiling
2. Install Ceramic tiles for flooring
3. Plaster all the Walls
4. Install Electricity (prior to that they were using generator)
5. Finishing and painting

Thank you for your support. Let’s keep believing that God will be with us through it all so this CMO 64 can be accomplished on time. Jesus bless you!

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