Inauguration of 52 – GPdI Tiberias Weekarou

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This time, the 52nd Church Make Over (CMO) program was ran in one of the most beautiful islands according to Focus magazine, Germany; which is one of the three leading weekly magazines in Germany. Sumba Island is famous for its enchanting natural beauty and this 52nd CMO project is located in the Weekarou Village, West Sumba, NTT. A church named GPdI Tiberias with Ps. Fabrianus Johan as Lead Pastor with his wife. Most of the church members have lived such humble lives with professions as fishermen so that they have been very grateful for the church building that had existed before, but by God’s authority, Ps. Johan Fabrianus was met with the team from Anugrah Ministries so then the church he leads can be included in this 52nd CMO program.

The construction process began on 31 August 2018, started with the MOU signing between Ps. Daniel Hendrata and Ps.. Fabrianus Johan. We completed the 7x14m church building, plaster, wall coverings, sills, ceilings, roofs, and church toilets. We also add the front porch and canopy of the church. Due to the state of the mansion that was only made of woven palm leaf walls, we built a new a pastoral home, from the foundation, frame structure to the walls and roof. The 8x6m mansion now consists of 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, living room and 1 bathroom.

After the 6 months of development process, on 5 March 2019, CMO 52 was officially completed at GPdI Tiberian Weekarou. The entire church members who attended seemed to be delighted to see the church building that was rejuvenated through the CMO program from Anugrah Ministries. Ps. Johan Fabrianus as the home pastor also rejoiced because of what he had been longed for was finally answered. In the inauguration service, Ps. Daniel Hendrata shared the words of God emphasizing on being the fishers of men.

God always hears the prayers of his people who wait with sincerity. Now Ps. Johan Fabrianus along with his wife and children can live in a more  proper house. Thanks to the donors who have helped the CMO to be well implemented, may God bless us all so that there are more churches we can repair through the CMO program at Anugrah Ministries. Jesus bless you.­

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