Church Make Over 39: GSPDI Filadelfia, Desa Kayu Tanam, West Kalimantan

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Entering the year 2017, Anugrah Ministries set a specific agenda for Church MakeOver (CMO) department. We have decided to makeover 18 CMO projects this year, God willing. Indeed, it is not a small number, and it will require a lot of our attention. But with God, nothing is impossible.


Kayu Tanam village is located at Mandor District, Landak Region, West Kalimantan Province. A simple village, where the people also live in simplicity. Most of the people who reside in this area are traditional farmers, whose income is only enough to provide daily food for the family. More than that, they have to work as laborers in rubber and palm-tree plantation, with minimum wage. In this village, lives a family of pastor who is burdened and willing to serve God’s people there. GSPDI Filadelfia Kayu Tanam, under the leadership of Anthon Arman and his wife, Kustinah, has been appointed as our 39th CMO project.

Ps. Anthon Arman is originally from Java island. He transmigrated to Kalimantan in 1988, hoping to get better income. Yet, a man’s plan may not be God’s plan. In 1988, after working for some months in a construction company, Ps. Anthon Arman received his full-time-ministry calling from God. Around 1999, Ps. Anthon Arman decided to join a School of Theology in West Kalimantan, to receive training on how to become full time pastor. While in school, he started pioneering some ministries, one of which is the church that he is currently pastoring. After graduation, he decided to reside in Kayu Tanam village, and was serious to build the congregation (though he started with only two families).

At the end of 1999, together with his congregation, he started building a temporary church building, with no walls, only wood pillars and some traditional leaves for roofing (as long as they had shelter from direct sunlight and rain during their service). As time went by, the congregation started to grow. So in 2005, together with his congregation, he started to build a permanent church building, measured 7 x 12m. They had to go through many episodes of struggle and sacrifice, in order to build the church building, nevertheless they were unable to complete the process, due to limited funds. Until one day, God allowed them to meet us at Anugrah Ministries, through the Church MakeOver program.

Ps. Anthon Arman tried to send proposal to us after watching GoodNews program on TV. He did not dare to put too much hope on it, yet still believing that God is in control and able to give a way out. They were waiting patiently for two years, and then at the end 2013, Anugrah Team came to do some survey. Even then, it was not approved directly. They had to wait some more. More than three years later, they received an answer.

Friday, 20th January 2017, 10 am, was a historical moment for the pastor and congregation of GSPDI Filadelfia Kayu Tanam. This was the day that they all had been waiting and praying for. The day where a dream would soon turn into reality. Our 39th CMO project started that day with a short service, signing of MOU, and continued with symbolically plastering the wall by representatives of Anugrah, local government, and pastor of the church.

These are the things that we will do in our 39th CMO project:
1. Replacing the wooden Roof Frames and Truss (mostly attacked by termites)
2. Replacing the Zinc Roof (the old one will be used for pastoral home)
3. Installing Ceiling
4. Adding front porch to the church building
5. Installing Concrete Pillars (to replace the old wooden pillars that are rotten)
6. Plastering the church walls (interior and exterior)
7. Building a 6 x 8m pastoral home, with ceramic tiles as flooring, and ceiling

We covet your prayer so God will continue to be with us throughout this project, and we will be able to complete the building process well. May the name of the Lord be glorified through the projects that we are doing. Thank you and God bless you!

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