Inauguration of CMO 56 – GPdI Eben Haezer, Ps. Yafet Manurung

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Tomuan Holbung, is one of the villages in Bandar Pasir Mandoge Subdistrict, with a population of 2600 people, making a living as oil palm and rubber farmers as well as plantation workers. The infrastructure of the district’s road is still poor, still unpaved. When the rainy season comes, the road could not be passed. This made Tomuan Holbung Village, Bandar Pasir Mandoge Subdistrict as the only village in Asahan that is categorized as underdeveloped village.

There is a church called GPdI Eben Haezer, a very modest church with about 30-40 people with Ps. Yafet Manurung as the lead pastor, this is where our 56th CMO project is carried out. We built a new pastoral home from foundation to finishing paint and ceramic consisting of 1 bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. For the sermon room, we help to finish the paint inside and outside, ceramics and public toilets. The project was conducted over six months; from 18 November 2018 until 28 May 2019.

At the inauguration of Ps. Daniel Hendrata brought the word of the Great Commission. Ps. Daniel Hendrata gave motivation to the church people, even though they are living humble lives with professions as farmers or plantation laborers, but God will always reveal his power through our lives as long as we want to be obedient and shine for the communities around us.

Thank you to the Lord Jesus who brought us all together so that this project could work well and even Anugrah Ministries could reach areas that had never even crossed the human mind. Thanks also to the sponsors who have sown in this ministry, may the Church Make Over program reach more broadly and the name of God can be glorified in each of our services. God bless.

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