CMO 50: Anugrah Church @Storehouse, 11 March 2018

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For 13 years, Anugrah Ministries have been operational to reach out to the Body of Christ. Praise the Lord for the many forms of ministry that have been developed consistently: GoodNews Program, Church MakeOver, Adikku Sayang, Guard Your Family, even Outreach to prisons, villages and cities, valleys and mountains, bringing the Word of God up to the five continents and until the ends of the earth.

For the past four years, Ps. Daniel Hendrata felt a burden in his heart to disciple as Jesus instructed. Discipleship is very important for the believers, so they could be trained and equipped to become efficient workers in God’s field.

That is the reason Ps. Daniel Hendrata and Ps. Debby Catharina wholeheartedly decided to establish Anugrah Church, under the covering of Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI). Having been through many struggles, and the renovation of a Church Hall, located in Bellezza Shopping Arcade, Permata Hijau, South Jakarta, eventually on 11th March 2018, Anugrah Church was inaugurated.

Ps. Arifin Tedjasukmana as the Council of GBI, who also mentors Ps. Daniel and Ps. Debby, was present to inaugurate Anugrah Church. Many friends came that night to show support, about 230 people came to fill the chairs.

Ps. Daniel Hendrata delivered the Word of God about end-times harvesters. Taken from Mat 9:37, Then He said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” We believe many people will be trained and equipped for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

Storehouse will also function as a Recording Studio for GoodNews Program. Praise the Lord after 13 years being on air and blessed many, finally we have our own studio. We believe we will produce many more great episodes in order to reach out and disciple the children of God in this nation, which we offer up as an incense for the King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks for every partner who has given his/her support so that the 50th project of Church MakeOver program can be carried out and finished well. All glory only to the Lord Jesus.

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