The Start Of CMO 49: GPdI Hetalu, Nias – North Sumatra

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Nias is one of the outer islands of Western part of Indonesia, in North Sumatra province. On our last Adikku Sayang Field Trip, dated 4th November 2017, we used the opportunity to survey a church building which has also been functioning as an Adikku Sayang center.

Immanuel Hetalu Church, located in Tetehosi 1 Village, Gunung Sitoli District, Idanoi. This village is located about 45 minutes from Gunung Sitoli city in Nias. It is quite a remote village, even though it is not far from the city.

As most areas in Nias, this village does not have electricity, and the roads are not yet properly built. Ps. Daniel Hendrata and his team had to ride on motorcycles to do the survey on this church building.

The church building looked very humble, made of plywood, with no foundation, and no proper flooring, just soil. It did not look decent compared to other church buildings in the cities. Having done the survey, we needed to pray, if it’s God’s will, then He will open up the door for us to be able to execute the Church MakeOver project in this place.

The Beginning of the Project:
On 10th of February 2018, we finally set GPdI Hetalu Nias as the 49th project of Church MakeOver (CMO). We sent a contractor team from Batam to Nias, led by Mr. Kevin Tommy. This time, we are working together with a contractor, to make sure the quality and efficiency of the project is in accordance with our expectation.

This project is measured 9×18 m. When we started this project, the congregation had established the basic foundation on their own. However, because of inadequate funds, they could not continue the building process. While waiting, the congregation were still faithful to attend church services in the old building.


We believe that CMO 49 will be impactful, like a Lighthouse giving light to its surrounding, as well as an educational center for unfortunate children through Adikku Sayang Scholarship program.

These are the things we will do:
• Installing concrete pillars on the four corners of the church building
• Building the 4 sides of the church building
• Installing Roof with C Truss construction
• Ceramic tiles on the Floor
• Doors and Windows

Thanks to our donators whom God has used as His extended hands. Because of you, this CMO 49th project can be well carried out. God bless you!!

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