Church MakeOver 67: GPI Simpang 4 Peladangan Indah Simpang 4 Peladangan Indah , Pesajian Village, Batang Peranap, Indragiri Hulu District, Riau – 26 May 2019

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The Beginning of CMO 67:

Riau is one of the provinces in Indonesia. On this trip, the Church MakeOver team, will renovate the church that is located at Simpang 4 Peladangan Indah, Pesajian Village, Batang Peranap, Indragiri Hulu, Riau.

Riau has a wet tropical climate with average rainfall ranging from 2000-3000 millimeters per year, and the average annual rainfall is around 160 days. Due to its high rainfall, the journey to the location is pretty challenging. The road conditions are made of laterite (red soil) which is very slippery when it is raining. Meanwhile, during hot sunny days, the road will be very dusty. Not only that, the road also has many potholes because of the high number of oil palm trucks that pass through that road.

On May 26, 2019 the Church MakeOver team conducted a survey at the GPI Simpang 4 Peladang Indah Church. We meet the church pastor Rev. Krisman Sihombing, then we proceed to examine the condition of the church. The church building is made of weathered woods. With the number of congregations reaching 20 families whose background are farmers, they have difficulty renovating their church.

Seeing this, we finally decided to establish GPI Simpang 4 Pelandang Indah as our CMO 67 project. Work will begin in July 2019 and we decide to build a new church construction from zero.

We hope that through this CMO program there will always be a lot of breakthrough. Thank you for the supports that you have done so that this CMO 67 project can be started. Please continue to support and pray for this project until its completion. All glory to God only. God bless you.

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