Church MakeOver 22 – GPDI Efata, Golambanua II Village, Nias

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Church MakeOver #22 GPDI Efata, Golambanua II Village, Nias.

22 March 2014

On the same day, after Anugrah CMO team started the project of CMO #21, in the evening, symbolically we also started the project of CMO #22. Still in Nias, GPDI Efata church, located in Golambanua II village, Somambawa district was chosen to be Anugrah’s 22nd CMO project. Ps. Restu Jaya Zebua together with his wife pioneered this church since the year of 2007, with only 9 members at that time.

Since 2007, they built a temporary church building which they are still occupying until now. The number of congregation keeps on increasing, in 2014 they have 214 members. Therefore, they took heart to build a new church building. Most of the congregation are working in rubber and chocolate plantations as laborers, some are street vendors. Due to fund limitations, it is difficult for them to accomplish the building process. The location of the church building is very strategic because it is on the side of Nias Trans Highway. This church has so much potential in developing their ministry to reach out for souls in the future.

The condition of the church building (measured 10 x 12m) before the makeover was very dusty due to unplastered walls; no flooring, front and back facade of the roof was open, no ceiling, and no toilet for the congregation. What we are going to do in this CMO #22 are as follows: plaster and paint the walls, put up flooring, finish the roof and ceiling, in addition of building 3 toilets for the congregation.

CMO #22 started with a service, attended by the congregation, prominent tribal figures, and Secretary of the village as a representative of the local government. Then symbolically making concrete floor, first by Alders Daniel (Anugrah Ministries), continued by Ps. Restu Jaya Zebua (Pastor of GPDI Efata), Secretary of the village, Head of Committee, Tribal Chief, and Construction Leader. The pastor and congregation are enthusiastic. They are even willing to work hand in hand to help the building process. Praise the Lord! Thanks to the partners of Anugrah Ministries who have made this CMO #22 project possible. God bless you!

If you are burdened to support us doing similar projects, please contact us. There are many other churches, with indecent condition, waiting for your help.

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The Inauguration of CMO 22: GPdI Golambanua 2, Nias. 23 Oct 2014

From a distance as our car approaching the destination, we saw a church building with a very bright color. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit reminded Ps. Daniel a verse that says, “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand and it gives light to all in the house”Matthew 5:14-15.  This is the Word that Ps. Daniel released at the inauguration ceremony of Church MakeOver#22 at GPdIEfata at Golambanua 2 Village in Nias.  Eventhough the inauguration ceremony was in the morning, their congregation was still able to manage to come to attend the ceremony.

Among those who came were the district leader of GPdI Synod, the sub-district leader of the government and the head of the local village. Each of them gave their speech, expressing how grateful they were with the finishing of the new building. That day truly has become a milestone for the church. They had been able to withstand difficult moments, so as a result they have become a witness of God’s grace.

In this project, Anugrah Ministries helped to complete the flooring and putting ceramic tiles, setting up the church altar, plastering the wall, making the terrace, door and walls, painting all the walls and making three public bathrooms. It took six months to complete the whole project. During the inauguration day, all we could see was joy and big smiles of the pastor, his wife, and the church workers. When a church gets her breakthrough, we believe the time will be coming for God to bless the community as well. Thank you for your support.

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