CMO 14 – GPDI Jemaat Filadelfia, Tanah Merah

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Right in the season of Christmas, we inaugurated the CMO 14 project – GPDI Filadelfia, Tanah Merah, North Jakarta. After 3 months of renovation, the project was finally finished. The inauguration ceremony (also Christmas celebration) was attended by the whole congregation. They were very enthusiastic witnessing the abundant grace of God to their church. About 40 families came, and Ps Daniel delivered the Word of God from John 3:16.

This church used to be flooded in the past, so we decided to elevate the front level of the church ground. We spent 30 trucks of sand to do this elevation. We also fixed the leaking roof of the church, and repainted all the walls. We turned the shabby pastoral home into a multi-function room, Sunday school rooms, and church office. The impact of this project has already been felt. During the Jakarta big flood in January, the church was flood free. The church building was even used to give shelter to the flood victims in the neighborhood. Glory to the Lord Jesus! Thanks to the partners of Anugrah Ministries who have participated in this project.

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