Church MakeOver 12 – GBI Magetan

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7th October 2012 was the 10th anniversary of GBI Magetan. On this day, we also handed over the church back to the congregation. About 50 people came to witness the seremony. Ps. Daniel Hendrata& Ps. Abu AchmadSalomosign the plaquet.

Ps. Abu, his wive and all of the congregation were so happy and blessed by the madeover we did.

In his sermon from 1 John 5:4-5 Ps. Daniel reminded about the goodness of God. Every single promotion which happened to them is because God has set His eyes upon Magetan and wants them to take part in the harvest season that is about to come.

There are about 750,000 souls lives in the city and only five percent are believers. Surely, if every Christian in town is willing to work, there will be plenty of harvest to be sown. Ps. Daniel also encouraged them to engaged the youth and embrace the younger generations. Its because the are as important as the older people, and they will become the future generation of this city.

The church building has been madeover, we installed a new truss, put up a new ceiling, and repainted the four walls of the church. We cleaned up and repainted Ps. Abu’s pastoral home and gave him a new bed so he and his wife no longer needed to sleep on the floor. We also made a mezzanine floor that will be utilized  forthe church office and a bed room for their grand children. We thank all who have participated in the process of making over this church. The name of the Lord Jesus Christ has been glorified.

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