Church Make Over 61: GPT Kolongan Beha, West Tahuna, Kepulauan Sangihe Region

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The start of CMO 61:

Serving the Lord is a beautiful and noble thing, but doesn’t mean without challenge. GPT Kolongan Beha is a church located in West Tahuna, Kepulauan Sangihe Region. Ps. Stevanus Faehusi Zebua is the local pastor there (he came from Nias but has the heart for the people of Tahuna).

GPT Kolongan Beha started in 1997, with only 8 people. They conducted their service every week moving from one house to another. At last in April 2014, God gave them a permanent place. They built the church building with their own resources. Though most of the congregation work as farmers, fishermen, and construction workers, they longed to have a decent church building.

Right now, the number of congregations has grown to 43 people, yet 80% of the physical condition of the church building (measuring 6x13m) is badly damaged.

God’s plan never comes too early or too late, always on time. After going through a series of verification and survey, finally Anugrah Ministries appointed GPT Kolongan Beha as 61st Church MakeOver project. On the 7th of May 2019, we signed MOU with them to mark the beginning of CMO 61.

In this project, we will do as follows:
– Laying out the Foundation
– Adding a 6x2m Terrace
– Adding a Mezzanine (for kitchen and temporary pastoral home)
– Plastering the Walls
– Installing Windows and Doors
– Installing Ceiling
– Installing Electricity
– Installing Ceramic tiles as Flooring
– Finishing by painting the ceilings and walls (exterior and interior) of the church building

Thank you for your support. Please continue to pray for this project, so we can finish it on time and God’s name will be glorified. Jesus bless you!

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