Church Make Over 60: GBI Jemaat Kuma Tahuna, North Sulawesi

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The Start of CMO 60:

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, consisting of 17,504 islands (according to 2019 data). On this trip, we went to the island of Sangihe. The exact location is called Kuma Satu, located about 35 minutes from Tahuna, North Sulawesi.

The church we were heading was GBI Kuma, under the leadership of Ps. Romeo Siko, S.Th and his wife Ps. Arni Yerty Dalapang, S.Th. They both pastor GBI Kuma with 10 families as congregation. They have two children. They desired to continue the building process of the church which got stopped because they lacked funds. Majority of the congregation work as farmers, drivers, and teachers.

These were the conditions we found out when we did the survey over there:

  • The church building was in the process of building, but stopped because of lack of funds.
  • No pastoral home yet. Temporarily the pastor and his family lived with the parents of the pastor’s wife.
  • No bathroom.

After days of waiting and praying, God finally answered the desire of their hearts. On 24th January 2019, Anugrah Ministries signed MOU with GBI Kuma. Witnessed by the church council and local government representative. We also had a short service there to give thanks to God that GBI Kuma was appointed as Church MakeOver 60th project of Anugrah Ministries.


These are the things that we will do in this project:

  • On the church building:
  1. Install light steel roofing with gypsum ceiling
  2. Install ceramic tiles as flooring
  3. Finishing and painting the exterior and interior walls
  • Building a brand-new pastoral home

We pray that the 60th project of CMO can finish on time, according to God’s will. Thank you for your support. We believe that through this project, God’s name will be glorified. Jesus bless you.

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