Church Make Over 5 – GBI Cengklong

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The fifth church that we made over is GBI Cengklong located at Kampung Geledek, Cengklong – Tangerang in West Java. Together with his wife, Ps. Yakob Linus Oei planted this church twenty one years ago. Most of his congregations are the less fortunate Chinese people who are known as the Cina Benteng etchnic group.
At first, this area was known as a farming ground and it was not even wired for electricity yet. Therefore it was always dark at night. Their crime rate was very high. Many homicide victims were dumped there. People used to work as poultry and pig farmers to factory workers.

In the early assessment, we noted that the church facilities were in deprived condition. It looked OK on the outside, but rotten in the inside. The foundation was not properly made; it was only made by bricks and not upon rocks. Thus over the years many cracks appeared on the walls. The roof structures and truss were deteriorating due to humidity and termites. Many leaking on the roof during rainy seasons would ruin the ceiling over and over again. On top of that, the pastoral home was in pitiful state. It was a small hut on the second floor. The walls were made of plywood and shabby. All of the furniture was very old and busted.

Today is the handing over day. Many congregations came to witness this historical event. We can really see how beautiful it was when the Lord Jesus Christ blessed His faithful servant. We changed some wooden beams of the cracks, put new paint on all over the walls, fix the lighting structures, put tiles on some part of the kitchen, fix the restrooms, we renovated the pastoral home so that Ps. Yakob and his wife will be able to serve God and His people in a much better environment.

His Church Make Over program is funded by partners of Anugrah Ministries. Thank you for trusting us with your contribution. Together with you, Anugrah Ministries will be able to reach out and bless those like Ps. Yakob and his church. Call us now and let us know how you can be a helping hand and change the world.

“Those who saw in tears shall reap in joy.” Psalm 126:5

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