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Why do you spend money for what is not bread, and your wages for what does not satisfy? (Isaiah 55: 2a)

Today, many people say that money is everything one could ever have. With money, one can have power over everything. Money is certainly needed to buy daily needs. However, the question is – are we able to manage our money wisely?

The needs of human beings are increasing day by day. Primary needs aren’t just food, drinks, clothes, houses, etc. Along with the rapid growth of the modern era, cars, hand phones, laptops have become primary needs also.

If we do not use our money wisely, it will be soon used up. And if it is already used up, people easily decide to take some loans. Today, debts aren’t taboo.

Even today, to fulfill tertiary needs, having a credit card seems to be the solution. There is nothing wrong with credit cards, as long as we could control the usage of it. However, sometimes it becomes ironic when we are tempted to buy things that we do not really need, and buying things becomes as easy as a swipe of the credit card.

It becomes a real pity that the wages of our hard work are not for ours to enjoy, but they are used for paying off debts instead. This was illustrated in the novel and movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. Rebecca Bloomwood could not stop shopping, and in the end she was entangled with debts.

To manage our finance isn’t a hard thing to learn. The main thing that we need to take note of is self-control. How important is the thing that we are going to buy? Saving money is very much recommended, but it doesn’t mean we should be stingy either. We need to seek wisdom from the spirit of God in managing our finances well.

Thus, be wise in managing your money… 

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