Life is A Journey

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Life is a journey we must go through. Sometimes we are lazy to walk because we are too tired. Sometimes we are mad with our current situations. Or sometimes we don’t focus, so we lose direction and don’t know where to go.  This life journey is long; it has many turns and obstacles that sometimes can make us to want to stop and turn back. Yes, there are big walls, small rocks on our way that will try to make us trip, slip, fall and even stop our journey. Not to mention the pits on our path that can make us fall into them. Often times we have to go through a hill of tears, a cliff of brokenness, a jungle in the middle of a scary night. To make it worse, we have to face the storm and the great waves that strike our faith when we are already weak and hopeless.

Friend, life is a journey no matter what. Its story never stops; all the hues of color and the variety of flavor will take turn to fill our lives. But, keep believing and keep walking with the great, strong, amazing One, and we will be safe. Because He is a real God and whatever He does is perfect.

Let’s keep walking with our Friend who knows exactly how to go through this life. Never let go of His hands, and never go anywhere without Him. Because without Him, our journey will be filled with fear, worry, and doubt. If we walk with Him, we will overcome everything with certainty. It’s not easy, and it doesn’t look beautiful, but He always has a way in His perfect timing. All kinds of flavor and color may be there, but with Him, there is always hope that will last forever.

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