Getting Up from Misery

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One day, when I was in a taxi, I was talking to the taxi driver. He told me that he had 3 children, but one of them died because of an accident a few years ago. I realized that a father could become so vulnerable no matter how sturdy his body-build may look like. As for this man, he said that his world was shattered when he knew that his son passed away. He didn’t go to work for 6 months. His thoughts were messed up for months. He was in despair and didn’t have courage to live. But, at the end of his strength, he remembered God. He realized that no matter how hard his life was, God always gives good things. He then refused to wallow in sadness, drown in disappointment. He decided to get back up because he also remembered that he still got a wife and 2 other children to take care of.

Friend, each of us has problems in this life, and the difficulties that we face are different. Sometimes, we are able to solve it in a short period of time. Other times, we fall, and it takes us a long time to get back up. Learning from the above story, our Creator is everything. We should remember Him all the time. He is amazing. He is always there by our side. God is able to do amazing things for us. He always understands our difficulties. Even when we are weak, vulnerable, and broken, God stays with us and never leaves us alone. To be sad, disappointed, broken, and weak is human. But, it is not an excuse to make us drown deeply in despair or to make us hopeless. Sadness and self-pity will not make us get up and change anything in our lives.

Whatever our problems are, including the one that makes us fall to the lowest point of our lives, it is our choice whether to wallow in sadness and deep regret, or to get back up with Him. He is our strength and defense. He is our protection and tower of our strength. Let us come to Him. Let’s surrender our lives to Him, allow Him to revive our faith and hope, and trust Him. Let’s not lose our hope and faith just because of inevitable life problems. Disappointment and sadness will not help us out of our brokenness. All that we need to know is how to build hope and trust in Him, realizing that He is everything that can to create, change, and do great and righteous things in our lives. God is still there, and will always be there for us. (JL/ST)

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