Opening New Anugrah Learning Center in Sordang Kopas, North Sumatra, 22 June 2016

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Since two years ago, Anugrah Pressindo Foundation has been implementing Adikku Sayang Scholarship Program in Asahan Region, North Sumatra Province. Reaching out to Indonesian children who are having difficulties to continue their study, due to their family economic condition. Around this region, we can see many families struggling. The breadwinners cannot provide enough food for their family members, because there is simply not enough job opportunity in the area. Most of them would say, “We are lucky if we can eat once a day.” That would paint an illustration of how hard their lives really are. How will they afford to send their children to school, if they cannot even afford to feed them? The Adikku Sayang Scholarship Program definitely has been helping to lift a little bit of their burden.

In Sordang Kopas Sub-Village, Sei Kopas Village, BP. Mandoge District, Asahan Region, North Sumatra Province, many children come from this kind of weak-economic family background. Most of them have dreams, but they may not be able to achieve those dreams, when forced by circumstances they have to stop schooling. It is tragic, but it is happening in that region. Anugrah Foundation has decided to implement Adikku Sayang Scholarship Program over there, by opening a new Anugrah Learning Center (ALC). On Wednesday, 22nd of June 2016, ALC Sordang Kopas has officially been established in Sordang Kopas Sub-Village, with 10 Elementary School students (four boys and six girls).

Prior to being established as ALC, this place was the gathering place of children from weak-economic family background to learn how to read, write, or do their homework. Miss Ronni Hutajulu is a widow whose life depends on the little inheritance her belated husband left for her. Yet, she has the heart to serve these children, by providing some snacks for them every time they come to study together, or by helping pay their school fees. This activity had been going on for a year, before she received help from Anugrah Foundation, and being appointed as the Center Leader of ALC Sordang Kopas.

After the establishment of ALC Sordang Kopas, we heard news regarding two sisters (7 and 5 years old) who were abandoned nearby the center; we do not know their parents’ whereabouts. They were so poor that sometimes they had to eat soil under the Palm Trees, just to feed their hunger. Miss Ronni took them under her care, and these two sisters immediately became our Adikku Sayang Scholarship students. The older sister resumed to grade 1 at Elementary School, while the younger sister started to join Kindergarten. With this addition, we now have a total of 12 students in ALC Sordang Kopas.

With the opening of this new center, the number of recipients of Adikku Sayang Scholarship Program has reached 500 students (Academic Year 2016-2017). Thank you for the support of Anugrah Partners all these while. Your contributions help us to serve those who are really in need in our society. If you have not become a partner, but you have the heart to join this movement to give equal opportunity to Indonesian children by educating them, please email us at [email protected]. Together, we can make real impact for this nation.

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