Field Trip Adikku Sayang Tulang Bawang Centre, 5th September 2015

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Saturday, 5 September 2015, at 4.30 am, Anugrah Ministries Team who had arrived the night before at Tulang Bawang, Lampung Province, got ready to welcome the Adikku Sayang Scholarship students from ALC (Anugrah Learning Center) Tulang Bawang. The students started coming enthusiastically. At 5.20 am, we left with two cars. Throughout the journey, the children were really happy. They interacted with one another cheerfully.

According to our plan, we would be visiting a few places on that day. Our first stop would be Lampung Museum. We went on more-than-4-hour drive, and at 10.05 am arrived at Lampung Museum, in Bandar Lampung. Out of 10 children of ALC Tulang Bawang, only one had visited this place before. Naturally, they were all so happy to be able to come to the museum. Here, they received new information about the history and civilization of tribes of Lampung. There were also some artifacts being displayed. Not to forget the different kinds of traditional Lampung costume and musical instruments. The children looked attentively at every display cabinet. Though Lampung Museum only has two stories and in terms of size, it is not too big, the children of ALC Tulang Bawang were satisfied to be able to visit this museum. We were in the museum for more than an hour, then our group continued our journey to the next location: Mutun Beach.


The distance between Mutun Beach and Lampung Museum was one and a half hour by car. It was quite far, but the children remained high in spirit. It was 12.30 pm when our group reached Mutun Beach. Everyone was so happy to feel the breeze and see the waves on the beach; they had been dreaming to come and swim in the clear seawater here. However, because the sun was high and we all felt hungry, we decided to eat lunch first.

After lunch, Anugrah Ministries Team gave a motivational speech to the children, and distributed school bags as a present for them who have successfully entered the New Academic Year. From Mutun Beach, our group took a boat to cross the water, to go to Tangkil Island. We took 15-minute ride on that boat. As soon as we arrived on Tangkil Island, the children plunged themselves to swim in the clear seawater. We gave them 45 minutes to swim. After swimming, we rode on the same boat back to Mutun Beach. At Mutun Beach, the children got another chance to play on the beach. Time flew by, and it was already 4 pm. Time for us to head back home. All field trip participants got ready to go home. Exactly at 4.30 pm our group left Mutun Beach.

On the way back to Tulang Bawang, the children were so excited, talking about the fun they had during the field trip. Then in the midst of their exciting conversations, one by one they fell asleep. It had been a long day; they must be really tired. We were on the road for five hours to make our way back home. As soon as we reach ALC Tulang Bawang, the children got down from the car and bid one another goodbye. Some parents were picking up their children, but some others did not, so the children had to walk home by themselves.

All the children feel very happy and contented to be able to go on a field trip like this; it’s a privilege that their own parents may not be able to afford, due to their low level of income. Having obtained new knowledge and experience, these children acted as if they had forgotten the fatigue caused by the long drive, and they were immersed in so much joy. Their prayer and wish is for Anugrah Ministries to be able to keep bringing joy in the lives of every ALC children all across Indonesia through the Adikku Sayang Scholarship Program. Thanks to our sponsors who have been supporting us; together, we can make a difference in the lives of the generations to come. God bless you!

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