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[tab_1]Having successfully opened Anugrah Learning Centers at Cengklong and Mangga Ubi, Adikku Sayang program is launching the third one for GKII Padang. Anugrah Ministries give scholarship to these 7 smart but less fortunate children. They were so joyful and enthusiastic when we told them about the program which we will soon start in 2011.
Adikku Sayang is a scholarship program for less fortunate yet keen-to-learn children. Not only do we send them to school, but we also equip them with school supplies.

Every morning before they go to school, these children will get nutritious breakfast: a boiled egg and a pack of milk. Wow! They look very happy.

Because of the nutritious breakfast this morning, they become healthy and full of concentration in their classes. In the afternoon, they get tuition from the teachers in Anugrah Learning Center.

Please pray for us and support us so we can make sure these children will reach their dreams.[/tab_1]



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