Anugerah Paulus

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Gender : Male

Age : 12

Birthday : November 17, 2000

Grade : 5

Parents Name : Mr. Erina Duha

Location : Padang

Parents Profession : Housewife

School : SD 41 SPS

Dream Goal : Football Player



Everyday my sister and I wake up in the morning. We take showers and then we go to church to have our morning nutrition. Before having our nutrition, we would sing and pray. Then we go to school, as soon as the bell rang, we lined up and pray, and then we learn Math.

After the lesson, we would have our break to play. My friends and I play marbles about fifteen minutes, then we would go back in and have our lesson on religion. When the school is over, I would go out to play or study. While waiting for my sister to finish her school, I usually play soccer. After my sister gets out of school, we take the motorcycle taxi to the nearest station and we would walk home together. After that, I change my clothing, have lunch, and take care of my sister, then I would play marbles with my friends.

At five in the afternoon, my sister and I would go to Anugrah Learning Center and go home at about seven in the evening. As soon as we get home, I would have my dinner and then watch TV. After that I go to sleep and nine o’clock.


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