Timotius Saprianus Waruwu

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Gender : Male

Age : 6

Birthday : April 1, 2006

Grade : 1

Parents Name : Niathati Gulo

Location : Padang

Parents Profession : Trader

School : Agnes Teresia

Dream Goal : Doctor



Everyday I wake up at Five thirty in the morning. I would pray and tidy my bed. I take shower & would go to church to have our eggs / breads and milk before hand. I am grateful to be involved in the Adikku Sayang Scholarship Program, because I can have egg and milk everyday.

After the breakfast, my father accompanied me to school. I have many friends at school, and I study diligently at school, follow the lesson and pay full attention to the teacher who teaches me. I enjoy Bahasa Indonesia, since I love to read. At around four in the afternoon, after the school is over, my father would pick me up to go to the church for Anugrah Learning Center program. During the lesson, I sometimes would feel very sleep, because I don’ t have the chance to take my afternoon nap, but I’m still grateful.

During this whole time, being involved in the Learning Center, my progress in learning really goes up. God’s blessings really gave me the opportunity to do many things. After the Learning Center, I would go home, take shower, have my dinner, and do my homework. That is my everyday activity.


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