There is Still a Miracle

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Reading Verse: Genesis 20:1-18

But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.

James 1:6-7


While we were in troubles or in sickness, each of us would want to get a miracle or receive something good from God. Jesus, the God that we worship, is able to do great things in our life. In the Word of God, there are a lot of stories about Jesus doing miracles. Even until this day, He is still able to do a miracle for us.

In order to get God’s miracle, we have to believe that Jesus is able to do all things. We need to believe even though we haven’t seen the prevailing of God’s power. This shows our faith to Jesus who is able to do the great things. We shouldn’t be in doubt though it is impossible to men, but all is possible to God. Believing means that we totally surrender everything to God. Our part is just to believe, and then God will do His part for us. When we are in doubt, we will not get what we want. It is written in James 1:6-7 that he who is in doubt will not get anything. So, if we want to get a miracle from God, we just have to believe.

The next thing to get a miracle is that we need to clean ourselves before God. It means that when we still have sins, we have to leave them and repent. If we still keep our sins, then when we pray to God our prayers will hinder. It is written in Isaiah 59:2 that the obstacle between God and us is our sins. It means that when we still keep our sins, we need to fix them.

In order to receive the miracle from God, direct our focus only to God and not to problems. The focus on problems will only add our doubts. On the other hand, when we focus on God, we will see the great power of God and our faith will be strengthened. When Peter was walking on water and looking around, he became doubtful and started to drown. But when he saw Jesus, he was able to walk on water.

In addition, we need to keep praying in with all our hearts, because prayers that come out of faith will bring the power of God. We shouldn’t give up in our prayers, instead we should diligently pray until His power prevails. Whatever our desires are at this moment, never be in doubt or afraid. Believe that a miracle is still there. God’s help will be revealed to those who hope and believe in Him.


With God, we will see great things prevailed to us. Amen. 

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