Attitude In Praying

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Scriptures: Mark 11:20-26

You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures

James 4:3


Once upon a time, a boy was joining a toy-car race. His toy car did not look special at all compared to the others, because it was simple and made of wood. Before the race, this boy was praying. At the end, he won the race. Having successfully won the race, the committee asked him whether he was praying for victory in the race. However, the boy answered that he was praying for strength, so he would not cry in case he lost. From this story, we can learn that his prayer was a wise petition, and not selfish. He could have asked for victory, instead he asked for strength.

Likewise, when we pray, we should not be selfish. Only wanting our desires to be fulfilled or maybe, we are praying so we will be protected from any challenges. James 4:3 reminds us that if we do not receive the answer of our prayer, maybe it is because we are only thinking to spend it for our own pleasures. Yet, in the Bible, we can learn from Jesus who had a good attitude in praying. At the time when he was about to be crucified, Jesus said to the Father to let the Father’s will be done and not His. He could have prayed for the crucifixion to be cancelled, but Jesus still chose to pray in all humility, so much so that the Father’s plan can be fulfilled in His life.

Let’s also pray like Jesus, and for sure God will give the best to His people. In every prayer, always ask for strength and His guidance, and not only the fulfillment of our desires. Plead that God will always enable us to live our lives. Let’s believe that God indeed has a much better plan for us. When praying, be humble, and surrender everything to God. Besides that, we must have faith that He will answer our prayers. Even if we face difficulties, don’t doubt! God is still able and willing to help us. We are just required to have patience in waiting for the answer of our prayers. (J/DC)

Have a wise attitude in praying so God’s plan can be fulfilled in our lives.


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