The Meaning of Life

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Reading Verse: Numbers 27:1-23

“If I am to go on living in the body, this will mean fruitful labor for me…”

Philippians 1:22

Sometimes many people ask “What is the meaning of life? Is it only about living in it?” Many activities and problems in life can sometimes make us forget the true meaning of life. So when the problems or failures come our way, we tend to give up or become pessimistic. Living this life is not only about going through it, but there are many positive things we can find in our way. Even though there are many things we don’t understand, but life is something beautiful. Keep in mind that God has a beautiful plan for each of us. Our presence in life is not a coincidence, but it’s all part of His plans. He also plans hope and prosperous future, and our lives are valuable for Him. We are the balls of His eyes, thus we must be optimistic because we are special. Although we have flaws, we should be grateful because God is good and our presence is a miracle. His plan is still beautiful no matter what happens. Do our best until we fulfill God’s plan in this life.

Moreover, this life has its meaning when we can live by loving others. When we are able to share with others, we will be able to feel joy for others, and not only for ourselves. And this is something beautiful. We should remember that all that we have including our valuable assets are from the Lord. So when we live in overflow, we should remember those who need our help.

Furthermore, our lives should be filled with serving the Lord. We should be able to use our time to glorify His name so that our days are not just passing by without meaning. Life without God is empty. We should always involve God in our lives and let us rely on Him alone. Only Jesus can make our days meaningful.

He will always give us something beautiful to make us peaceful.

Have a beautiful life purpose with God. Amen.

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