The Example of David

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Reading Verse: Joshua 9:1-27

I will praise you seven times a day because all your regulations are just.

Psalm 119:164

In the Word of God, David is a popular man because it is written that the savior Jesus Christ was born from his descendants. In addition, David wrote the most chapters in the bible. One of a few things we can learn from David is that David loves to praise God, so in the book of Psalm there are many praises toward God. When he was a shepherd, he loved to praise God with his harp. He praised the Lord in all circumstances. It is written that he will praise God seven times a day. Similarly in this life, let us always color our lives with praises and worship to God, because Jesus deserves our praises. God reigns over the praises of His people. There is power when we praise Him. Another example is when Paul and Silas were in prison, even though both of their legs were chained, they still praised the Lord. In the end, God’s power went down over them and they were set free. When we praise God, His miracle is real to us.

David is a humble man and he doesn’t get offended easily. When he fell into sin, David realized his mistake when Nathan the prophet convicted him. Although David was a powerful king, he wasn’t arrogant and he was willing to repent before God. Similarly, when we have high position and great wealth, we should always be humble, particularly an attitude to be corrected because God loves humility but hates arrogance. He listens to the prayers of the humble but ignore the prayers of the arrogant. If we are easy to be corrected, then God will lead us into His plan, and show His blessings to us. David respects the authority above him, and he has a forgiving heart. Saul was trying to get rid of David and behaved badly nevertheless David still respected Saul. Even when David had a chance to take revenge and kill Saul, he didn’t do it because he had forgiven Saul and didn’t keep his revenge. Similarly, when people hurt us, we should be able to forgive them. It is not easy. Without God’s help, we will not be able to forgive. In this life we must always forgive and should not have revenge.

In this life, let us become pleasing to God and live only to please His heart. 

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