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Reading Verse: Joshua 24:1-33

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

The Word of God tells us to give thanks in all circumstances. But sometimes challenges, failures, or problems that come our way have more or less made us whine. In fact, in all situations we must be able to be grateful, as God is always good and never give bad things to us. Being grateful is also a key to happiness. Despite of hardship, stay grateful because there is time for everything. Don’t give thanks in good times only, and when we experience a trouble we then complain. Like Israelites, when they got out from Egypt, they kep complaining to God, and it wasn’t pleasing to God. Therefore, learn to give thanks in all circumstances; believe that hardship won’t last forever.

The key to stay grateful is to always see God’s goodness in our lives. Our presence until now is all because of God’s grace. Despite the fact that there are many problems in life, it can’t erase the goodness God has given us, because His grace is much greater than our problems. If we keep focusing on the greatness of God and not on the problems, then we will continue giving thanks to God. Keep in mind that we have a great God who reigns over all things. Furthermore, let us keep our faith that every gift from God is good, nothing is bad so we need to stay grateful. Never compare ourselves with others because God gives the best to each individual.

Life full of gratitude is a sign that a person is spiritually mature because he can accept all circumstances. A grateful heart is always pleasing to God. So, never stop giving thanks to Him.

Our circumstances in life will always be changing; therefore the main key is to have a grateful heart. Stop complaining or worrying as God is always with us. Start each day by giving thanks to God, as a result, we will have peace throughout the day, and our lives will be happy. Amen!

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