Starting from a Prayer

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Reading Verse: Numbers 24:1-25

The end of all things is near. Therefore be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray.

1 Peter 4:7

Praying seems to be something that we commonly do. However, praying is not a routine because a prayer is the breath of life to the believers, and it has impact if we do it from the heart. Therefore, we need to begin everything we do with a prayer because our lives need His lead. When we pray we fully rely on and surrender our lives to the Lord. Without praying and His guidance, everything will be worthless. Jesus is an example who begins His day by praying; He went up to a mountain to pray to His father. In life, let us also pray prior to doing our works and activities. In our prayers, rather than asking for blessings and praising Him, we should also ask for wisdom and His lead so that we can still live in His truth. Trust God that when He gives His wisdom He will enable us to reach success

When we begin with praying, we will have peace and strength. Jesus is the source of peace, and in our prayers we will have peace from Him. We will never know what will happen to us. But, if we start our days with prayers, then we will have peace and will be able to face anything. Peace in our hearts makes our trust to God grow stronger.

Believe that a success or a miracle is also begun with prayers. When we pray with faith, even though the prayer is simple, God will answer it. The home restoration is also begun with a prayer. In life, never forget about the importance of a prayer.

Everything started with a prayer will bring goodness to the Lord. So never stop praying because He always hears our prayers. He never looks at how beautiful the words of our prayers are, but He looks at the heart while we are praying. And God always answers our prayers on time.

Let’s begin everything today with a prayer, because it’s never worthless when we pray to the Lord. Amen.


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