Seeing by Faith

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Reading Verse: Exodus 28:1-43

For we live by faith, and not by sight

2 Corinthians 5:7

When Abraham received God’s promise that he would have a son and would be the father of all nations, Abraham believed that God would fulfil His promise. In the end God gave Abraham a son at his old age. Abraham got faith even though in fact he had not seen the fulfilment of God’s promise.

The same goes in this life, often times we have to learn to see by faith meaning that our point of view has to get along with the truth of the Word. It is written in 2 Corinthians 5:7 that we live vy faith, and not by sight. It means that we should have a life full of faith in God.

Therefore, we should be able to trust everyting written in the Word of God because within it is all about His promise that will be fulfilled. For example, when we are in troubles, we should see by faith that God will help us as His children. Everything that happens never goes beyond what we can bear. Though we are still facing challenges, keep believing that God will reveal His help.

One thing that blocks us to see by faith is a fact, because often times it can make us doubtful and hesitate. Never get affected by the situations. Instead, keep believing and direct our focus on God alone so we can get miracles and His help.

The next obstacles are fear and worries. Fear and worries make us difficult to see by faith. We should be able to keep calm so we can see by faith and see the situations based on the Word of God’s point of view.

Even when we fail, we’ve got to believe that God is able to help us, and give us victory. Although we haven’t experienced success, never doubt. If we get affected by our situations, it will weaken our faith. When we are able to see by faith, we will be able to enjoy each of God’s promises and His help.

At this moment, no matter how bad the situation is, never focus on it, but keep the faith point of view that with Jesus we will gain victory. Amen.


Keep the faith point of view that with Jesus we will gain victory. Amen.


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