Believe although have not Seen

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Reading Verse: Joshua 11:1-23

Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

John 20:29

Jesus said that blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed. But it is easier for many of us to believe when we see it. For example, when we talk about a miracle we will believe it more if we see it. It is written in the Word of God that Abraham had to wait for a long time for the promised son. He waited faithfully even though it seemed that there was nothing to hope for. His faith didn’t go weak, instead he remained faithful and trusted that God would fulfill His promise. He was holding on to God’s promise until he received the promise. If we are willing to believe, then God will reveal His miracle to us. Therefore, in all circumstances we must learn to always trust God because God we believe in is not man who can be disappointing. Believing means that we will never be worried about our today and tomorrows anymore because we believe that God never disappoints those who believe in Him.

The main key to keep believing is that we must get to know our God. Jesus reigns over everything and He is able to do anything; nothing is impossible to Him. Once we have learned this, we will become strong, and despite our circumstances we will keep our faith that God will give help and the best way out for us. Moreover, in order for our faith to become stronger, we need to read the Word because there’s a lot of God’s promises in the Word that can strengthen our faith. When our faith starts shaking, we need to read the Word so that His promise strengthens us, and believe that His promise will be fulfilled upon those who believe. Also remember about the great things God did in the past so that when we get into troubles we may keep our trust in God, because God’s power never changes for us.

Although there are many temptations which make us difficult to believe, let us remain solid and strengthen our faith. When we don’t believe, we will not enjoy the fulfillment of God’s promise. Even though we haven’t seen it now, we must learn to believe that God will fulfill all of His promises in His timetable. Believing in God means that we believe in His unlimited power. Starting today, let us keep our faith in God so that we will see victory and miracle from Him. Amen.

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