Rooted In Jesus

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Reading Verse: Leviticus 5:1-19

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him,

strengthened in the faith as you were taught,and overflowing with thankfulness

Colossians 2:7


The strength of a tree is not only determined by its beauty, but also by its strong roots. If a tree is firmly rooted, then it will survive, not easily fall and stand strong. Similarly as the followers of Christ, the quality of Christianity is not determined by how long we become believers. The most important thing is whether we have grown and rooted in Jesus. God desires all of His people to grow and mature in Him. We need to be rooted in Christ so that our life is not easily shaken and can remain strong in all circumstances.

In order to be rooted in God, we always need to meditate on the Word, keep it in our heart and implement it. Our life should be built on the Word of God so that the Word can be rooted in our life. When the Word is the foundation, our life can become strong and fruitful in Him. It is written in Matthew 7:24-25 that only those who hear the words and put them into practice will remain strong against any problems. Therefore, we have to live by the Word of God. If we have rooted in Jesus, then we can stand strong regardless of any trials or problems that come against us.

Furthermore, we need to stay solid in faith. Solid means firm, in other words whatever we go through, we stay strong in hope of God and our faith may grow in Him. The firmness of our faith can be proved in struggles, difficulties, temptations, and trials. At those times, we can see the maturity of our faith as believers. Like a date tree that is deeply rooted, when the storm comes it still stands firm. There are always struggles as long as we live. However, if we remain firm in our faith then when temptations come our way, it is like a test to show the quality of our faith.

In addition, we also need to be close to God all the time, to get Him personally so we can be rooted in Jesus. The closeness in God will make our faith firm and strengthened. We also have to be firm in every process that we have to go through. Don’t give up, because the process is shaping us to grow, to be fruitful and to be rooted in Christ. We need to be thankful in all circumstances as a proof that we are mature in God.

In this life, we have to become strong and mature in Chirst so that we may always grow and rooted in Jesus. Amen.

The closeness in God will make our faith firm and strengthened

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