Raising up from Failure

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Reading Verse: Judges 3:1-31

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Romans 8:31


Before inventing a light bulb, Thomas Alva Edison had experienced lots of failures but he never gave up. He kept doing many experiments and because of his perseverance, he finally invented a light bulb that has given us great impact to all of us until today. If Thomas Alva Edison quit when he failed, then he would never experienced success. We all want to experience success, but we also have experienced failures. But we usually give up when we see a challenge. When we encounter a failure, do not give up because it is only a bridge to the path of success. We must be able to raise up from our failures by having perseverance and persistence, and keep pressing towards every dream, because with God there is always a way out. God has promised that we will be the head and not the tail. We will be more than conquerors. Even though we may be under bad circumstance right now, God still guarantees our victory. We also need to have a spiritual winner who never gives up even in bad circumstances.

The next key is we should not let ourselves be locked in our circumstances. Although we are experiencing a failure, with God there will be success. We must be able to defeat our circumstances by getting back up and doing what we can do. When we rise up, God will deliver us. Do not dwell in the past because victory is before us and not behind us. Our lives are not determined by the past but the present. Therefore, we need to have focus looking forward to the future so that we can reach the destination and have victory. In order to get back up from a failure, we have to have focus and vision. When we have focus, we will try to achieve it. Despite of our failures, we must be able to reach our destiny.

Life always comes with failures and downfalls. But even though there are many obstacles in life, do not be afraid. Everything will not exceed our strength. We will pass every challenge. Do not easily give up, but keep fighting until we reach success because there will always hope in God. Believe that with Jesus we will become conquerors, and even more than conquerors.

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