Prioritizing God

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Reading Verse: Genesis 48:1-22

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Matthew 6:33


Matthew 6:33 tells us to seek first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness. This is not a mere command, but it contains deep meaning, and it brings something important for us. The meaning of prioritizing God means we must be able to set aside our hobby or leisure, even our interest, and making God to be the first. For instance when we have to go to church, we need to set aside our other interests. Humanly speaking, maybe we will be happier to attend to our interests first, but when we want to please God, we will be able to put God first above our other interests. Everything that we do to please God will not be in vain. God will count it as our obedience to Him. Remember that God never disappoints us, so when we prioritize on Him, we will not get disappointed. That’s why we need to learn to put God above our hobby or other personal pleasure. We must even be bold enough to let go things that does not please Him. For example, we should not let ourselves to be entrapped by sin by following our fleshly desires. We must remember that God is a holy God, so we must put God as number one and keep our lives pleasing to Him.

Next, when we prioritize on God, it means we will be able to give more time to God. For example, to pray, praise, and worship. In this life, God gives all of us the same amount of time. We cannot repeat or turn back time, so we must be able to use our time wisely. When we sow our time for God, one day we will reap beautiful time with God. We need to make God to be the first and foremost in our lives, and spend more time with God. Though often there are things that try to keep us away from God, we must learn to prioritize on God, above all else.

When we prioritize on God, there will be guarantee and certainty for us, that every of His promises will be fulfilled in our lives. God will count everything, and bless our lives indeed. Things that we have never thought of or imagine, God has prepared for those who love Him. How beautiful life is when we can prioritize on God.

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