God is the Good Shepherd

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Reading Verse: Numbers 35:1-34

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep

John 10:1

The book of Psalms chapter 23 is the guarantee that Jesus is the good shepherd for all of us. So in all circumstances, never worry because we are in His perfect guidance. It is impossible for a shepherd to let his sheep get injured, and he will never let himself lose even one sheep because for this he will look for it until he finds it. Similarly, God loves us so much that He always guards His children. Psalms 23:1 says that God as the good shepherd will fulfill all of our needs so we lack nothing, and this is a guarantee that He will fulfill our needs. Never be afraid even though our financial conditions are not good enough, trust Him that He is able to pour out His blessings abundantly according to His unexpected ways. God will guarantee the life of the rigtheous and those who hope in Him.

It is explained in Psalms 23:2-3 that God gives us peace and comfort so our souls get refreshed. When we get bored or need peace, come to Him and He will bring us to green pastures and quiet waters. God will give us peace because He is the only source of true peace. It is also written in Psalms 23:4 that God will always be with us, so we shall not fear even in the darkest valleys. Don’t be afraid because God is with us and He will always give us comfort.

And the main point is that God is willing to give out His life to save His sheep. Let’s from this day on our lives be guided by Him because He sacrificed His life on the cross. This is the greatest sacrifice, and only Jesus can do that because He loves us so much. Therefore, be grateful as we have the good shepherd who will guarantee our lives. Amen.

Be grateful because we have the true shepherd who will never let His children walk alone.

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