Possessing Love

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Reading verse: Genesis 30: 1 – 43

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.”

1 Corinthians 13: 1

Generally, every believer possesses love for love is the fundamental of Christianity. 1 Corinthians 13: 1 says that without love, everything is in vain. Love is shown towards God and our fellow humans. Matthew said that we should love God with all of our hearts, body and soul. Loving God is not only in words, but also in our actions. For example, we read the bible everyday, pray and develop an intimate relationship with God, and have a longing desire for Him. John said that whoever loves God would do as He says.

 God’s greatest prove of love is that He was willing to give His life for us (John 3:16). There is no greater love than God’s love. There is no way we could repay His love for us. What we can do is to give Him our hearts, and love Him with all of our hearts.

Next, we should also possess love for our fellow humans. We do not only look for our personal interest, but we also care for others. There are many people around us who need our helping hand, be it physically or morally. It is our duty to shine forth God’s love to them, so that they may see God’s love in us. We should love one another without looking at statuses or positions. We should even love those who hurt us. We should not only love those who love us.

One of the reasons why we find it difficult to love one another is our ego; we still put our personal interests first. However, we should learn to love. We need to love for God is love. Hence, we must be able to love one another. Let our lives reflect the love of God. Jesus does not only possess love, He is love. There is no other trait that is more glorious that Jesus’ love.

Love must be done with sincerity, honesty and without any hypocrisy. When we possess live, everlasting peace and joy will appear in our hearts. Living in love is God’s commandment and we must be able to apply it. Let each of us live in love always, be it love for God or for others.

Let the love of God flow in us. Amen.


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