Meaningful Life

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Reading Verse: Joshua 20:1-9

Since you are precious and honored in my sight,
and because I love you,

I will give people in exchange for you, nations in exchange for your life.

Isaiah 43:4

A man who has a terrible past or who comes from a bad background usually has low self esteem or feels like there is no meaning in his life. Many people try to find the meaning of life with various ways; some people work hard to get money or wealth, but everything is useless since in Jesus alone do we get the true meaning of life. Isaiah 43:4 says that our lives are precious in God’s sight, and because of His love He redeemed our sins so that we could have a meaningful and precious life, and we are no longer under sins and curse. Therefore, we should not feel pessimistic. Don’t let the evil judge us. God does not see our past or our current situations. He accepts us just the way we are. No matter how bad our circumstances are, we are still special in His sight, and we are made to be the balls of His eyes. Even though we have no value before men, keep in mind that God always accepts us the way we are with His love. He will give a victorious life. He makes our lives to be precious so that He can use our lives to be His tools and to give many beautiful plans for us.

Since we are precious, God will protect and keep us away from the devils. He will never let bad things happen to us. In going through a meaningful life, we have to remain joyful because we have God who loves us so much and who always gives the best. Despite of many challenges, we should remain strong because God is always with us. We also have hope in Jesus who never fails. Furthermore, we should be able to use the time God has given us to serve Him. We can’t repay His great love, so we should serve and love God. We must be grateful because God has made our lives precious and meaningful, so that all things we do in God will never be wasted.

Our lives become meaningful not because of the wealth or what we have, but because we have Jesus who makes us meaningful. Let’s start from today to live life with self-confidence. Never look down on self because with God everything will turn out well and beautiful.

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