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Scriptures: Philippians 2:1-11

He who despises the word will be destroyed, but he who fears the commandment will be rewarded.
Proverbs 13:13


In the year 1961, Jerry Richardson had to make a very important decision. As a receiver of an American football team, Baltimore Colts, he had a glamorous and secure job. But when his petition for raise was denied, he felt that it was time to take the risk, to do something that he always wanted – to start his own business. Finally, Jerry Richardson and his family moved to South Carolina, where he started his new business by opening the first franchise of Hardee.

Jerry relocated from being a receiver to flipping hamburger for twelve hours a day. After many hours, he would clean up the stove and mop the floor. The results: $ 417 a month. Some people may think it’s time to give up. Nevertheless, Jerry still moved forward and did not give up. At last, Jerry Richardson led one of the biggest food caterings in America. From this life story, we can see that Jerry Richardson was brave to make an important decision in his life. When he had to accept the risk of his decision, Jerry moved forward and did not give up, which finally brought him to success.

Likewise in our lives, we are faced with decisions that we must make every day. We have to be wise in making every decision. Since today’s decision will affect our tomorrows. Therefore, consider and be careful with every decision, so we will not have any regrets. Make sure that our decision brings something positive, instead of something fatal. Ask the Holy Spirit to give us guidance and wisdom in making decision. Find the wisdom of God through the reading of the Word of God.

Next, yield every decision to God alone as His plan is the best for us. Allow only His will to take place in our lives. Though God’s way is different than ours, He knows the best thing for us. Hence, always obey God’s decision so we can enter into His plan. (J/DC)

Life is indeed always filled with decisions; make sure that every one of us will always be able to make the right decision.


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