Anything Is Possible To God

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Reading Verse: Genesis 18:1-33

Is any thing too hard for the LORD? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.

Genesis 18:14

On the journey of life, sometimes we struggles that at one point could make us feel like giving up. However, never allow ourselves to be pessimistic, because nothing is impossible to God. All things are possible to God. Our ways are different from God’s. Our thoughts have limits, but nothing could go beyond the thoughts of God. Therefore, sometimes God works beyond our thoughts. One thing we should do: we have to believe that God is able to do anything because He is the Almighty God.

In the reading verse, God promised Sarah that she would have a son. In the beginning, sarah couldn’t believe it, because Abram and her were old already. Sarah thought her time had passed but in the end God revealed His power. Sarah gave birth to Isaac. When God reveals His power upon us, all of His promises will be done. Although it is impossible to men but it is possible to God. Nothing is impossible when we trust Him, a miracle will happen.

The main key to get His power is to have faith, as Sarah and Abram who still had faith that God would give them a son even though their ages were too old. Because of his faith, Abram received God’s promise. So we really have to trust God.

One thing that could block the way God works within us is we often limit God’s way in doing things, for example by being doubtful, anxious, and worried. When we have surrendered everything to God, we really have to trust God completely. Don’t be hesitant nor bitter, because it will block God’s working. Let God works amazingly in our life. We also shouldn’t speak negatives, because what we speak will be done.

In addition, we shouldn’t be afraid, because fear can hinder God’s work upon us. We should have courage to keep going. Although there are many challenges, we should be able to face them because God will make us conquerors, and His plan for us never fails.

Today, what are we longing for? Put everything in God’s hands; believe that His power is limitless. Believe that God is able to fulfill our dreams.


Let us live in His promises so we can enjoy His blessings. Amen. 

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