Update from Uetuwu, Interior of Central Sulawesi. 9-12 June 2014

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Ps. Daniel and team were back to visit our mission home, Pondok Kasih Anugrah in Uetuwu, Central Sulawesi, to supervise the process of building Anugrah Kindergarten & Elementary School. We also brought Xiao Pinpin, our music arranger, to record a song there which will be a part of Anugrah Ministries’ first album, Your Grace.

At 5 am, our team left for Palu, Central Sulawesi, and continued with helicopter ride for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Upon our arrival, all the staff, teachers, and students welcomed us. We spent the day discussing about the building process of Anugrah Kindergarten & Elementary School which have already finished the topping off.

Right on the Padungku Festival (celebrating the success of their harvest), on 10 June 2014 together with the local community, we held a Thanksgiving service in Pondok Kasih Anugrah. Ps. Daniel delivered the word of God about Giving Thanks. About 200 people came to join the service that night. It’s so amazing how we heard the testimony that after the word of God being delivered in this area, everyone in the sub-village succeeded to harvest this year (unlike the years before), not one of them failed to harvest. Praise the Lord! Xiao Pinpin also gave his testimony during the service, how God has been using him despite his condition of being blind. We ended the event by eating dinner together.

Early the next morning, before doing any activity, as usual everyone joined the Morning Prayer. Ps. Daniel prayed for all the children and blessed them. By God’s favor, 10 people gave themselves to be baptized on that day. We conducted the baptism in the nearby river. Then, we did the recording for Anugrah Ministries’ first album, Your Grace. James and Stella (Daily Operational Head of Pondok Kasih Anugrah) and a few students: Merry, Viane, Lisya, Astutie and Imanuel, enthusiastically took part in the recording.

On 12 June 2014, we received a special guest, Mr. Ali Bahajai from Bank Pembangunan Rakyat in Palu, who surveyed Uetuwu. He was touched by the commitment of Anugrah Ministries to provide education for the people in order to develop the region. In the afternoon, Ps. Daniel and team, together with Mr. Ali Bahajai left Uetuwu to Kolondale, to meet the District Leader (from the government) to inform him about the development of the plan that Anugrah Ministries is executing in Uetuwu. The District Leader welcomes our intention and supports the education that Anugrah Ministries is implementing. From Bank Pembangunan Rakyat, we also received CSR donation for the interior of the classes of Anugrah Elementary School. Thank you so much for the support given. God bless you!

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