A Note from Our Teacher in Uetuwu, Interior of Central Sulawesi, August 2017

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Don’t Give Up!

When we can be resilient and not give up easily, victory will be ours. Never give up when facing challenges, and it will open up an opportunity for us to achieve priceless results.


There is nothing instant in this life. We need to work for everything that we want to achieve. In the same manner, we work as teachers in Uetuwu Subvillage, teaching education at Anugrah Elementary School to the underpriviledged children in the Interior of Central Sulawesi. Language is the main barrier that we have in teaching them. Especially in the Pre-School class, we have to start teaching them with a lot of pictures, regarding animals, houses, and plants. They are not exposed to a lot of things in their entire lives, so even for one lesson, we have to repeatedly teach them for about two months. Including introducing them to alphabets and numbers. We do not give up in our circumstances.


Unimaginably, last Academic Year, nine of our Pre-School students graduated. Therefore in this new Academic Year (2017-2018), they are seated as Primary 1 students. They have known alphabets, numbers, and they can count. Furthermore, two of our Anugrah Elementary School students succeeded to graduate Primary 6. Now, they are pursuing further studies as Freshman of Middle School in a small District Town called Baturube. Something extraordinary happened beyond our imagination, that our students from Uetuwu can follow the classes well, even excelling, when they moved to the District Town. We even got worried in the beginning, whether or not they would be able to follow through the classes in the next level, because they used to be rather slow in learning a lesson. It’s amazing that they actually can do it. We give thanks to God for that; we also pray for them daily before they go to school.


As teachers, there are times that we almost give up. But, we fully realize that this is not an easy fight. We will always try to do our best and keep fighting, having faith that everything will be better, if we don’t give up. We, as teachers in Uetuwu, together with all the students of Anugrah Elementary School, would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors and donators. Thank you for continously supporting us. Your support ensures that everything goes well. We pray that God alone will repay your generosity and bless every aspect of your lives. Amen!

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